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FROM 23 JULY 2021 TO 26 JULY 2021

Are you a big fan of Pho, and want the best Pho - soup in Copenhagen?

​​Welcome to restaurant Bonjour Vietnam

Address: Vesterbrogade 44, 1620 Copenhagen V.

Mobil (call or sms): (+45) 53 53 67 97

Email: bonjour.Cph@gmail.Com

Opening hours: 16.00 - 24.00 (monday to sunday)

Cancellation Policy

1. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for any booking that is cancelled without prior notice, or if numbers are reduced without prior notice. 

2. For big group of minimum 10 people, you must notify us of a cancellation at least 7 days prior to your booking.

3. When the guests ordered a special menu in advantage, Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 250 kr per person for any bookings changed or cancelled within this 7 days notice period.

4. The cancellation fee reflects the cost incurred by Bonjour Vietnam in terms of staffing, food, and any lost revenue as a result of turning away other potential bookings.

​The restaurant

Restaurant bonjour vietnam is located in beautiful settings just next to the new theater, ‘det ny teater’ in the theater arcade, ‘teaterarkaden’ at vesterbro, copenhagen.

The restaurant is run by quynh tran and her mother Loan Nguyen, who for more than 30 years has worked as a chef at restaurants Through out vietnam. Their mission is to bring parts of tradition and modernity from The vietnamese cuisine to danish restaurant visitors who appreciate a quality asian cuisine, where everything Is made from scratch, and at prices which everyone can participate in.

Here you will certainly be able to enjoy the most superior dishes within the vietnamese cuisine, which by many Is considered to be the best and most sophisticated of the asian cuisines.​

We have many satisfied customers from around the world, which you can see the reviews on tripadviser.Com or on google places. We are happy that our customers always finish their meals in our restaurant with a big smile and a nice compliment. It warms our heart.


​The food

Our restaurant is known as using many different kinds of fresh and crispy vegetables. Therefore many customers, who are vegetarians also choose our restaurant. We have many nice dishes with meat, fish... But if you don`t eat meat, fish, milk products... Don`t worry! You can always ask us to make almost any dish in a ``vegetarian-version``. We are very flexible :).

Our price level

If you wonder about our price level, I can say that our price is very reasonable, especially if you compare to normal price level in copenhagen. Our portion is also really huge. You will get more than enough and will not leave the restaurant with a hungry stomach.

The starter in our restaurant costs around 12 - 13 usd (9 - 10 euros), the main coure is from 15 usd to 20 usd (11,5 euros to 17 euros). If you want a 3 courses menu, so it costs 38 usd, and about 47 usd for a 4 courses menu. You can pay in our restaurant with all kinds of credit card. The only card we unfortunately do not take yet, that is diner club.


​We recommend you to book a table, please call or send a sms to this mobil number: 0045 53 53 67 97. If you would like to contact by email, then please kindly send an email to: bonjour.Cph@gmail.Com we are looking forward to see you in our restaurant.​

Natalie olsen 

Food excellent decor excellent service excellent

Good food and good service here, the restaurant is beautiful and romantic too :) you can sit outside, restaurant is green with a lot of flowers and plants made it really cool.

A google user 

Overall excellent​

My friend recommented this restaurant to me. Then friday two months ago, me and other 7 friends visited bonjour vietnam. Well, it was completely full, not a seat left. We needed to wait to get a table. In the mean time, the owner gave each of us a glass of wine for free. Then finally one of the big table paid the bill and left, then we got the table. We all tried the menu called teater menu, and it was amazing. Have you ever tried vietnamese steak? Who can say that best steak ever can come from a vietnamese kitchen? But it does. You must try the steak in bonjour vietnam. I am normally not crazy with meat but here... Well, I did enjoyed my steak very much. I have eaten there 3 times until now. And I recomment you to book a table, at least on friday and saturday.

A google user 

Overall excellent​

I didn`t expect to get so good foods like that in copenhagen. It was a big supprise. I travelled to vietnam 3 years ago and I have to say that their foods are even so much better than what I have got in vietnam. The restaurant is very beautiful with nice decoration.

Overall excellent​

I have tried many vietnamese restaurant in us, france, germany and of course denmark since I am now living in copenhagen. I can see that bonjour vietnam`s food is really authentic, and it is vietnamese northern kitchen. I myself prefer northern kitchen because food is not sweet like in the south vietnam and not spicy like in the centre of vietnam. Everybody can enjoy. I cannot make vietnamese food, but my mother, who is vietnamese and very good in making vietnamese food, says that bonjour vietnam`s food is absolutely excellent. Try their pho-soup, the national dish, that is the best way to test a vietnamese kitchen.

A google user reviewed a year ago

Overall excellent​

Excellent food and very good service. We went there since the place we wanted to go to originally was packed, but bonjour vietnam turned out to be an very pleasant surprise. The food was easily the best I have had outside of vietnam.

A google user 

Overall excellent​

Very good food and service, reasonable prices.

Liked: food, service

"Shocking to find top quality vietnamese food in copenhagen."​

I live in vancouver where we have a large vietnamese community and at least 100 good `pho` restaurants. I have travelled to copenhagen several times and find the restaurant scene to be somewhat challenging. Unless you want to spend 6000 kroners a night with mario and enzo at era ora . The best italian restaurant in copenhagen. Irhout a doubt. I laughed at the reviewer who asked to be steered in the terrace then complained because he was outside. What did he expect? A private apartment. Welcome to københavn!! You will not leave this restaurant unhappy.

"Better than in vietnam"​

I found this restaurant in the tripadvisor critics and and we had a great meal. All the dishes the owner recommanded were outstanding and we didn`t have the same quality during our 2 weeks trip in vietnam. Very nice decoration and friendly staff. A must if you like real vietnam cuisine.

"Amazing food, happy service, how refreshing for copenhagen!"

Was this review helpful? Yes I have often found myself reluctant trying out an asian restaurant in copenhagen partly because the food is a disappointment compared to my asian travels, but more because the service styles are so un-asian and un-friendly that I feel let down. We decided to spontaneously try out this restaurant on my wife`s birthday after deciding that we already knew some of the other vietnamese spots. Tucked away in a quiet enclave on vesterbrogade, this restaurant is central to all the action yet in a quieter corner. I experienced vietnamese food like I had never experienced in copenhagen. My first surprise came when I daringly asked if they had any vegetarian diet plan options for the fixed menu. Lo and behold, most options could be made vegetarian. Still hesitant, I ordered the menu. The food that arrived was simply amazing! These were not boring vegetarian substitutes full of tofu, but were interesting enticing melodies of the freshest looking vegetables I had not seen in a while. The soup was a new fresh taste with complex subtleties. The other courses, just as interesting. The service was warm, personal and smiling, just the way we like it and so often hard to find in copenhagen`s busy, even arrogant restaurant scene. We shall certainly return for the food, ambience and relaxed atmosphere. I hope they continue to live up to my, now rather high, expectations!

"Very delicious"

Was this review helpful? Yes I was not feeling well on sunday but needed something to eat. I went into the restaurant and ordered turkey soup. The hot meal is what I needed. The seasoning and other ingredients was delicious. I would most definitely eat here again. Stop by.

"Tasty food - kind people"

Was this review helpful? Yes​

After having bonjour vietnam reccomended to us by a friend, we decided to invite the nearest family and friends for dinner for my husbands 30th birthday. Although we occupied most of the restaurant at one time, the food was delicious and all dishes served simultanously. The food is the highlight! Crispy fresh vegetables, tasty spices... Just well-made food, and plenty of it at a very low cost (200 dkk for a three course meal). Plus, the owners, nicolai and his wife quyhn were so nice during the evening and in setting the menu, just as we wanted it. Their kindness easily overweighs the lack of attention displayed by other members of the staff. In a nut shell: this place is definently worth a visit! But do remember to book a table if you plan to go on a friday or saturday.

"Bonjour vietnam- copenhagen"​

This restaurant is well worth a visit. The food is fresh and very tasty, and the service is good. The prices is absolutely fair. It`s situated in the vesterbro area near to the " ny teater", which is nice, if you want a relaxing meal before the theatre performance.

"Excellent vietnamese food"​​

The restaurant is located in the vesterbro area, which hosts a number of vietnamese and other restaurants. Bonjour vietnam is one of my absolute favorites. While it is definitely a vietnamese restaurant, you do see influence from the french. It is also surprisingly fair priced, compared to the nearby le le and other competitors. Service is splendid. Outdoor seating in the summer! I have visited the bonjour vietnam several times, and I am certainly coming back, and recommend others to do the same!

"Much better than other vietnamese nearby"​

This place is quite new but well worth a visit. All the food is fresh and tasty and pretty authentic. Very competitive prices and though less trendy a far more enjoyable meal than the more famous vietnamese across the street. The owner is a pretty interesting guy and offers very attentive service, especially by danish standards. Ask him to show you the hand made frieze around the bar he has just imported from vietnam!​


I have been to bonjour vietnam a number of times and have consistently experienced fantastic food, delightful service and reasonable prices. Keep up the good work!

"Fantastic meal in copenhagen"

Wonderful vietnamese food - fresh, fast and delicious. Service was wonderful. We were a group of family and friends, and the children were catered for beautifully. Nothing was too much trouble. Food and wine terrific. Atmosphere great. Staff very courteous.

"Very delicious"

I was not feeling well on sunday but needed something to eat. I went into the restaurant and ordered turkey soup. The hot meal is what I needed. The seasoning and other ingredients was delicious. I would most definitely eat here again. Stop by.

"Good morning, good day, good evening and good food at bonjour vietnam."

Our hotel made a reservation at restaurant bonjour vietnam for us, after it had been recommended to us by a couple of other guests we met in the lobby. We arrived to a full restaurant, where our table still wasn’t ready. We were then offered a glass of free white wine and beer as we were waiting, although our table was set after a few minutes, but a very nice gesture indeed. Their menu does in copenhagen terms ​

belong to the pricewise very reasonable ones, so we honestly didn’t expect anything outstanding after placing our order to the nice young waitress, but we were up for a surprise indeed.​

​The spicy soup we had for a starter were simply delicious and looked beautiful with its red colors mixed with plenty of green herbs, our vietnamese salad with green mango, papaya, lotus, finely cut turnip, a lot of fresh herbs and a lot of other vegetables I don’t know the name of, all topped with tender pieces of veal and fresh chili, were probably the best salad I remember eating in a long time.

Our main course, grilled sea bass on a skillet plate, were a real piece of art, with its mix of fish and vegetables sizzling hot on the casted steel plated and with a heavenly smell, simply tasted like heaven. After enjoying one of the best asian meals in my memory, we left this beautiful restaurant, with full stomachs and big smiles, and I don’t have any troubles giving it my highest recommendations.

"Hidden jem in copenhagen. Great food and affordable prices"

Yes I absolutely loved bonjour vietnam in copenhagen. Amazing food, really great pre-theatre menu and affordable prices which is quite rare in copenhagen. The place is crowded, so booking in advance is recommended.

"Perfect for an upset stomach"​

​ my sister and I were in copenhagen for a visit and she had an upset stomach...We knew that gentle vietnames pho bo would do the trick and found this charming, delightful restaurant to deliver. It was reasonable, clean, the staff were friendly, helpful and wanted to satisfy our needs. It made our trip so memorable to be under the weather and yet immediately made to feel better. This is a gem.


For a young female solo traveller, sometimes going to a restaurant alone in a foreign land can be daunting, a lot of the time you can end up being ignored. This place made me feel so welcome, they offered suggestions and slight changes to the menu for me without me even asking, vegetarians will find a happy place here!! The food they served was top nosh, so filling, so yummy, and served with a smile. It`s placed on a quiet road just off the busy main street, barely any cars pass, seated outside under the majestic det ny theatre on a summers day, I could not be more relaxed and happy. Prices aren`t so bad for copenhagen, and worth the tasty food you`ll get. If I visit copenhagen again, I will be returning to dine here.

"Great value for the money"​

This is a great place to go for good reasonable prices food in copenhagen. The restaurant is usually quite busy, so it might be a good idea to reserve a table.

"This was just perfect!"​

We had not ordered a table for saturday night, but found bv through tripadvisor. We called in advance, and the friendly lady could not promise anything, but we decided to give it a try. We had to wait oustside for 15 minutes, but with a carlsberg brought out, good company and chairs outside that was outside. Once inside we could sense that this would be great. The smell and the atmosphere was definately right. Our table was not the best, but what can you expect when you show up without a booking. The friendly vaiter took our order, and then, after 15 minutes, ha sked us if we wanted to move to a much better table. Yess! That`s what I call service. The food then arrived, and it tasted delicious. We set high standards, but they definately met them. Fresh ingredients, right cooking and right presentation. And the price....We were six people having 3-4 courses + 2-3 beer each, and the bill ended on 1920 dkk. That`s 320 a head! After the meal the owner came over and we had a good chat. This is definaltely a place I would reccomend. "Great food and service in an unlikely setting!"

We were staying at the savoy just 100 metres away and stumbled across this little gem tucked in a side-street by the theatre. We had a great meal too...I had fish ball with a dipping sauce followed by the seabass on the skillet, I absolutely loved it all. My wife and daughter were less thrilled with their dishes, more down to poor choice than poor cooking I`d say. Reasonable prices by copenhagen standards and fresh, plentiful food. My meal was from the theatre menu which at 215 kr or £22 for 3 courses was excellent value. Recommended!

"What a surprise!"​

In high school, my best friend christina was a foreign exchange student from copenhagen. I finally got a chance to visit her beautiful country. We had many excellent meals while in denmark. However, for me, bonjour vietnam really stood out. What a surprise!!! I really enjoy vietnamese food and have to savour it in almost every city I travel to across the world. My husband thinks I`m addicted to this stuff. Bonjour vietnamese was yummy with a capital y!!! Everything was fresh and well prepared. Service was very timely. The portions were very large, they were good for sharing. Order a few things and dig into the feast. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. They liked our american accents! The outdoor seating was very charming and perfect for people watching. I hated to leave. I`m still thinking about my meal there. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that wants a delicious meal in a charming city. Visited october 2012

"Bonjour to bonjour vietnam restaurant in copenhagen"

I was in copenhagen recently on business. My colleagues and I were in the mood for fine asian cuisine near the theater district. We learned about bonjour vietnam from the concierge at our hotel, who raved about it. So, our expectations were high. And, we were not disappointed. The setting is beautiful and the food is simply superb. As an appetizer, I had the tiger prawns, chicken, bean sprouts, rice noodles and fresh cilantro wrapped in a fresh rispandekage. I followed it up with the beef filet marinated in vietnamese herbs. For dessert, I can highly recommend the sour sweet dessert yogurt served with fresh tropical fruits. The only down side, if you can call it that, is that, you may have to wait 20 or 25 minutes to be seated, but that`s only because the restaurant is so popular, and it`s well worth the wait. Visited october 2012

"Excellent vietnam great authentic vietnamese food in copenhagen!"

Right next door to the ny theatre, so pa med with pre-theat patrons on a busy friday evening, we had to wait a little while for our table despite booking, but I`ve always thought that if a restaurant is very busy, then it must be a good sign... And t was well worth the wait. The signature fresh rolls as a starter are delishly fresh, fragrant and textural. I had the vegetarian version of the salad for main - with tofu and lots of crunchy lotus hearts, herbs and a piquant nutty dressing, while my partner enjoyed a light, delicate rice-noodle and tiger prawn stir fry. All washed down with a well priced gewurtztraminer. Highly recommended!

"Great experience!"

We found this little gem at the end of our stay in copenhagen by accident only thanks to our then favorite restaurant which full on friday evening and they couldn`t seat us for another 45 minutes. Bonjour was packed too, but we were greeted right at the door by the friendly owner who promised that he would have a table for us within 10 mins. And boy it was worth this little wait! The staff is really friendly yet serving the customers in professional and polite manner and the food is just amazing! In fact it was so good we decided we couldn`t leave the town without eating there again on our last evening. I highly recommend to try the delicious grilled sea bass with rice pancakes or the raw tuna starter. The restaurant is just amazing! Thanks again to all the friendly staff and owners! We`ll definitely be back when we are in copenhagen next.

"Truly vietnamese taste"

The location and the interiors of this restaurant are really good. Great smiley service staff. Good choice of food and wines. Things can be improvised if you have some suggestions. Good value for money "A beatutiful experience....!"

Near copenhagens `new theater` you will find this little diamond of a dining place. At the first glance, the place may seem a litte chaotic, crowded with guest and a lot of asian looking staff running around to serve the guests in a seemly none organized way. We came to this restaurant having been recommended it by one of my friends, and first didn` t have a lot of expectations. I am not that much in to asian food, since I admittedly am a meat eater by nature, but I this place really made me change my mind. First of all the place is really beautiful with some extra ordinary beautiful vietnamese decorations. Also, the staff are really nice in a way which is unusual for copenhagen. Most of the service staff in copenhagen only seem nice until they get contradiced in one way or another and then suddenly you are confronted with an arrogant, `don`t believe you something` face. But not at this place, plain sweetnes not at least from the vietnamese owner who serve everybody with a big authentic smile. We tried some beautifully decorated starters, different kinds of rolls and fishballs with shrimp. Terrific taste and looks, which for a steak lover like me really means something. Our main dishes came on skillet iron plates sizzling(and I mean sizzling) hot. We had to wait a couple of minutes before we dared to eat. I had a steak and my companion a bigvtiger prawns. Great taste and hot serving makes this dish a must. Including soft drinks, two starters and two big size main dishes, a price tag of dkk450($75) seems very reasonable. I can highly reccomend this place!

"A must-go vietnamese restaurant !"

Dined there two weeks ago and enjoed every single thing the restaurant had to offer - the food was excellent, fresh and tasty. The service was warm and welcoming, and the atmosphere was calm and homy. Definetly a must-go restaurant if care for vietnameese food. Mayerowicz family israel.


Was this review helpful? Yes 1 liked: the very good food, the professional staff and the friendly owner. Prices reasonable.Good wine list. Disliked: location not so visible from the streets.

"Excellent meal, great service and very stroller friendly"

Originally we were due to go to the restaurant around the corner that had been recommended to us (le le); however, our party of 8 was turned away as our sleeping 7 month old baby was not allowed in the restaurant in his stroller (stroller had to be left outside). We found bonjour vietnam around the corner and were welcomed into the restaurant with our baby. The restaurant provided fast and great service. The food was incredibly good and authentic - the owner`s wife is vietnamese. On top of that, the host was friendly and attentitiive. If the weather is good, try outside. This restaurant is a must when you visit copenhagen.

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​Vesterbrogade 44 - 1620 København V

Vi holder åbent for Take Away fra kl.13.30 - kl.21.45 mandag - søndag, også nytårsaften.

Vi holder lukket den 23 dec, 24 dec 2020, den 1 jan og den 2 jan 2021

Åbningstider: 16.00 - 24.00


Ring på 53 53 67 97

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